Grounding your body with your bracelet

Grounding your body with your bracelet

Our bracelets are full of life and light-enhancing energy created by the selection of the gemstones and crystals gathered and intertwined in order to maximize their effect.

To fully benefit from this energy, we recommend that you use a technique to ground yourself before wearing them for the first time. Then once a week or once a month, (depending on your stress level), take the time to cleanse the bracelets and your energy and then practice grounding, to bring you back to center.

Here are some helpful tips to grounding:

  • Whichever practice you choose below, begin with the intention that you are letting go of stagnant energy and are now opening to receive new refreshing energy.

  • Take three breaths in and out, with each exhale, visualize the old energy leaving your body and dissipating into nothingness.

  • Then try one of these tips that feels comfortable for you.

  • If you like to garden, dig your bare hands into the soil for one minute. As the soil runs through your fingers, speak to the Earth and offer gratitude for this moment as you connect back into your body and with the earth. When finished, clap your hands together to close the chakras in the palms and end the grounding exercise.

  • If you like to walk, take a walk on the beach or onto the grass in your bare feet. Walk for a minute, visualizing the chakras in your feet opening and connecting with the earth energy. Stomp your feet after one minute to close the sole of the foot chakra and ends the grounding exercise. 

  • Submerging into water can also be grounding, in a lake, pool or any body of water outside or even inside if a bathtub allows you to submerge for a second. As you relax in the water, visualize all negativity leaving you and being pulled away by the currents in the water or if in the bathtub, see it going down the drain as you leave the tub and drain the water.  Drying yourself off with your towel closes the chakras and ends the exercise.



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